Fiction Novel "Love -n- Gogo"
  • Fiction Novel "Love -n- Gogo"
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Even in a gentrified Washington DC,Gogo music still reigns supreme. Though juggling her career, motherhood and personal life can be overwhelming, Traci Mason is still grateful to be the 1st Lady of “Haze”, arguably the hottest band in the city. Just as she attempts to put the pieces of her personal life back together after an embarrassing public break up, Traci is hit with the terrible news that her best friend may be involved in a scandal that could threaten her career and possibly her life. Meanwhile, an opportunity presents itself that could either make all of Traci’s dreams come true or make her an outcast within the Gogo Music Industry. Take a peek into the exclusive world of DC and the DMV’s Gogo culture and dating scene in this tea spilling, action and fun filled fiction novel

LOVE -N- GOGO by Michelle Blackwell

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